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The Shai Lai temple was a wonderful experience and my first time performing with the International Children's choir. Since then I have done several concerts with them.

The temple was beautiful and the sound was perfect for singing. I am always surprised how people from Asia appreciate my voice. There must be something they hear that appeals to them./

Once again we had done some invocations for this temple and were asked to come and share prayers and invocate for this first anniversary of the Tsunami disaster.

It was interesting to be at the side of the water knowing that so many people perished in the same position as we were, close to the water. Water is a very powerful force but hold it in your hand and it is a gentle and loving gift to us.

This was a very solemn moment for me, and one I will never forget.

We did our whole hour service at the bodhi Tree. Our music always includes Sufi and Gregorian chants. Hebrew liturgical music, sounds of rain and sounds that Ivor and I created.

I always wondered why after we finished no one would move. They would just sit there quietly. They did not want to leave.

It was gratifying to know we had a affect on people with the work we were doing.

The Mokichi Okahda Institute is a very special wellness center who's basic premise is and I quote from their website,"Our methods of healing the sick, and of reforming agricultural methods are, without question, a form of art. The former is the art of life, the latter, the art of agriculture. The creation of prototypes of an ideal world is also the art of beauty. When these three arts are combined, we shall have created a world of bliss wherein truth, virtue, and beauty abound in perfect harmony“.

Again we were very fortunate too work with this group and a visit to their website will tell you more. However our experience with them was very special in a different way.

Even though they liked my music they never asked us to do a service for them. I don't think they knew what to expect. Then one day they said that we could.

Ivor and I were not quite sure how we would be received . We of course believed that music is a great healer and we thought that may be we could enhance their way to heal people.

The Japanese being are a very humble people are very reserved. Well after we had finished our service, every man, woman, child and the elderly came to embrace me. I didnt know I could open such great doors of friendship and healing with the simple things I do.

Their website is please visit them. They truly are a a patient and caring people.

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